Eponymous 4 ressiues 「健忘症」 on Oct. 27

「健忘症」 (Kenboushou) returns to digital services on Oct. 27, 2023, remixed and remastered.

Service Pack Three remixes Eponymous 4 on debut single

More than 15 years after its release, this five-track EP exploring electronic and new age music gets a makeover.

Eponymous 4 reissues 3-track maxi single in June 2023

The three tracks have been newly remixed and remastered, with one song getting a revised arrangement.

Eponymous 4 reissue campaign continues with a new single

高速 (Kousoku) is loosely inspired by the NOVA television special based on Brian Greene’s ‘The Elegant Universe. ‘

Penzias and Wilson returns with a new single

“Sonata Agita” takes on one of the most difficult modes in Western music: Locrian.

Empty Ensemble releases musique concrète single

“Black Transits” crafts a three-part work with the urban environmental sounds of Seattle’s public transit system.

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