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Ex Machina Series Matrix helps you to decide which volume(s) to buy

With four albums, four EPs and one compilation coming out starting in September, it’s daunting to figure out which of these many releases by Eponymous 4 would appeal to you, the listener. To help you decide, Observant Records presents the Ex Machina Series Matrix. Find a genre or a similar artist, and see which album […]

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Observant Records expands web site in anticipation of Ex Machina Series release

When the Observant Records web site first launched in Nov. 2011, it was little more than a placeholder. The shop had only one release, and the blog a mere two entries. Now that the Ex Machina Machina Series has been officially announced, the Observant Records web site has been expanded to include a Releases section. […]

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Ex Machina Series arrives in September 2013 with 9 Eponymous 4 releases

Starting in September 2013, Observant Records unveils the Ex Machina Series, a set of 9 releases by Eponymous 4, consisting of 4 albums, 4 EPs and a compilation album. In 2005, Eponymous 4 sole member Greg Bueno bought a used version of a MIDI workstation he owned in the 1990s, replacing one stolen in a […]

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Observant Records launches a web shop

The Observant Records web shop is now open! The shop accepts payments through Paypal and ships through the United States Post Office. At the moment, only enigmatics is available for sale in three configurations — CD, digital download and a CD/digital bundle. More titles are in the works, of course. Observant Records releases are also […]

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Welcome to the Observant Records official site!

Welcome! Observant Records is the exclusive label releasing recordings by Eponymous 4. As you can tell, there’s not much here at the moment, just the scaffolding of things to come. One such thing is building the Observant Records web shop, but for now you can find links to online vendors where Eponymous 4 albums are […]

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