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Eponymous 4 releases next album in 2018

Eponymous 4 announced the release of a new album. Originally scheduled for a September 2017 release, the album will now come out in 2018. Titled Travis, the album deals in part with the theme of escape and overcoming obstacles that prevent it. Here’s the track listing:

[Eponymous 4 - Travis]
  1. Prelude: The Travis Lament
  2. Timekeeper
  3. August
  4. I Want to Follow
  5. Another Fiction
  6. ||: :|| (Repeat Signs)
  7. 世界の終わり (Sekai no Owari)
  8. Surplus
  9. The Man Who Stopped the World From Falling
  10. West
  11. Interlude: The Travis Reel
  12. Useless

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