enigmatics IV

Service Pack Three


Originally released in 2015, “enigmatics IV” included a pair of B-sides not included with the enigmatics EP. “Wrong Again” and “Acid Vogue” were songs crafted in the 1990s but given extensive editing in the 2010s.

“Wrong Again” marks the first time Eponymous 4 attempted to use a house beat in a song. “Acid Vogue” is a failed attempt at making acid house based entirely on a description of the genre and not actually listening to any acid house tracks.

Service Pack Three remixes two of these tracks. The title track gets a revamped break and an improved arpeggiator. “Acid Vogue” turns into the semi-industrial track it really was destined to be with the addition of vocal samples.

“Wrong Again” remains mostly the same, while the original mix for “enigmatics IV” remains for listeners to compare the interpretations.

[enigmatics IV]

  • Release date: August 30, 2024

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